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10 MGMT Agency

A 10 out of 10

My rebranding efforts for 10 MGMT transformed the agency’s website and talent portfolios into compelling, personalized showcases. By creating and art directing photo and video shoots, I developed a rich library of custom visual assets, capturing behind-the-scenes glimpses, process highlights, and candid moments. This new approach connected with aspiring models and attracted more clients. Today, 10 MGMT is a globally recognized agency, representing over 300 talented individuals across fashion, commercial/print, and lifestyle bookings, including models, photographers, stylists, and fashion personalities.

The #BeA10 Campaign

I led a comprehensive rebrand and marketing campaign to elevate the agency's digital presence and showcase its top-tier talent. By redesigning the website and talent portfolios, integrating dynamic video content to promote models and talent, it resulted in a significant increase in bookings and sales. Leading multi-platform 360 marketing campaigns across print, digital, web, and social media, I was able to successfully enhance brand awareness and engagement, positioning 10 MGMT as a leader in the industry and the Chicago area.

Completion Year



10 MGMT 

My Role

Photographer + Video Producer + Designer

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