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Ben & Jerry's: Democracy is in Your Hands Campaign

I scream, you scream, we all scream for voting rights.

My efforts also included aiding NC Board of Elections meetings to strategize and distribute voter information, solidifying the campaign's success in making a tangible impact on voter turnout in North Carolina.

The campaign saw partnerships with the North Carolina NAACP, NCPIRG, YouCanVote, and Common Cause NC, resulting in the registration of 3,383 new voters and pledges from 13,694 more to vote. We also served over 40,000 scoops of ice cream, making the campaign not just effective, but fun and engaging.

Chunks, Swirls, and Civic Duty

Ben & Jerry’s, renowned for its progressive values and delectable ice cream, launched the "Democracy Is In Your Hands" campaign in North Carolina, the battle ground for voting rights in the United States. Democracy NC and Fairware stepped in to bridge the issues of voter access and reducing big money in politics.

As the Photographer and Content Strategist, my role involved producing visual content for non-partisan voting events across press, print, digital, TV, web, and social media, significantly boosting voter registration through community organizing, phone banking, and canvassing efforts. 


Ben & Jerry's, Democracy NC

My Role

Photographer + Content Strategist

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