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The Chicago Reader

Diverse Narratives Through the Lens

In addition to restaurant and music features, I also focused on the gig economy, highlighting the lives of Uber drivers and the complexities they face. One of the most memorable assignments was photographing American composer and clarinetist Angel Bat Dawid, capturing her powerful presence and contribution to the music scene.


Through my lens, I enjoyed bringing to light the diverse and dynamic stories that make Chicago a melting pot of cultures and experiences, contributing to the Reader's mission of delivering in-depth, impactful journalism.

Capturing Chicago's Pulse

I had the privilege of documenting the vibrant and diverse stories that define the the city's cultural and social landscape. My assignments ranged from profiling a beloved black-owned Southern comfort food restaurant to capturing the energy and multicultural origins of punk music through local bands. Each project allowed me to showcase the unique essence of Chicago's communities and their rich narratives.


Chicago Reader

My Role


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