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Madam Vice President

To better resonate among the intended audience, the project aimed to create a strong online connection with a broad audience spectrum, and celebrate Kamala Harris's nomination journey and accomplishments. By rebranding the social media presence and developing a cohesive brand kit for the design team to follow, we crafted visually compelling and consistent assets that significantly enhanced the organization's online identity. This project required a mixture of art direction, content creation, and social media strategy to successfully connect with audiences on multiple levels and drive social engagement and merchandise sales.

Bridging Generations: A Vibrant Rebrand for Gen Z

The First but not the Last

As the Creative Director, I spearheaded the strategic development of the MVP brand kit and a social media campaign. I rebranded the existing MVP into a vibrant and dynamic identity for Vice President Kamala Harris, targeting a younger, more diverse audience.


My approach for the brand guidelines was to create a palette of bright colors, modern designs with nostalgic typefaces from the 70s and 90s. The project's success is evident in the impressive growth of MVP's social media presence, with Twitter followers surpassing 100,000 and Facebook followers reaching 1.9 million.



My Role

Creative Director + Brand Designer

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