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Page: Top 25 firms in the US

Solving a Big Problem

Page’s website had become more of an internal catalog of decades worth of architecture projects than a marketing tool. The old site focused on showcasing what Page did but it failed to serve their clients, potential hires, and even their own team. In addition to the brand identity issues, the site’s architecture also highlighted its lack of diversity and the unorganized variations of portraits made the firm looked more like lawyers than architects.

Since the success of the rebrand campaign, national recognition of the Page brand online and offline has increased by double digits and the firm has consistently risen in industry rankings. 

Rebranding a 125 year old firm

I joined Page's brand team to achieve their goal of unifying 23 offices with 1 voice with for a new look, website, and strategy to help this multidisciplinary design, architecture and engineering firm look like the “Top 25 in the Nation” design practice that it is and provide clarity to the firm’s purpose and values.

With the new site, the objective aimed to also reveal the why and how. To do this, the key was to express all content related to people, expertise and process to Page’s values: creativity, collaboration, and commitment. 

Completion Year

2022 (circa 2022 EYP merger)


Page (formerly Page Southerland)

My Role

Creative Manager + Creative Producer (Photo, Video)

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