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University of North Carolina at Asheville

University digital and print rebrand campaign in order to better market UNC Asheville to donors, community members, prospective students and stakeholders. 

My Role  Creative Direction, Branding, Content Strategy, Social Media, Photography and Video

  • Developed a multitude of creative content and promotional designs that was populated in print and digital to offer insights and testimonials (interviews, campus events, portraits, lifestyle photos, commercials, conferences, festivals etc.)

  • Spearheaded social media efforts by establishing and overseeing the University's online presence and orchestrating successful campaigns like "30 Majors in 30 Days" and "Scavenger Hunt."

  • Highlighted the university's DEI efforts and sustainability initiatives.

IMG_1731 copy.jpg

UNC Asheville's website and magazine had become an old-fashion catalog of academic information rather than a search engine and marketing tool for internal and external users. This was impairing the university's ability to attract prospective students, professors and donors. In addition to the brand identity inconsistencies across departments, the university lacked diverse representation which affected recruiting.

Top 10 US Public Schools

Today, UNC Asheville has a unified voice for its magazine, website experience and social media platforms that truly matches the university's values. 

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