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UNC Asheville

From Static to Dynamic Tradition

Before the rebrand, UNC Asheville's website and magazine were outdated, functioning more as a static catalog rather than a dynamic marketing tool. This impeded the university's ability to attract new students, professors, and donors. By unifying the brand identity and enhancing representation, we transformed the university's digital and print presence. Today, UNC Asheville's cohesive voice across all platforms truly reflects its values. This transformation has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report, UNC Asheville is now ranked 9th in the Top Public Schools – National Liberal Arts Colleges category and placed in the top 100 for social mobility. The Princeton Review also ranked it in the top 25 for quality of life.

Transforming UNC Asheville's Image

To better market the University of North Carolina at Asheville to donors, community members, prospective students, and stakeholders, I joined the University's Marketing and Communications team to and created a  detailed digital and print rebrand campaign. The aim was to modernize the university’s image and enhance its appeal through consistent and engaging social media content. 

I produced a variety of creative and promotional content across print and digital platforms to highlight the university’s core values and sustainability initiatives. Additionally, I revived its online presence through two successful social media campaigns called "30 Majors in 30 Days" and "UNCA Scavenger Hunt," which nearly doubled online engagement and website traffic significantly within the first month.

Completion Year



University of North Carolina at Asheville

My Role

Creative Producer (Photo, Video) + Content Strategist

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